Portable Launching System

High Reliability

The Arcturus Portable Launching System (PLS) provides reliability, high mobility, and runway independence. The Arcturus PLS is a pneumatic catapult design capable of launching AS up to 200 lbs GVW.The system is lightweight, portable and simple to operate. The PLS operates on compressed air or any other inert gas. A trained operator can assemble the PLS in less than 10 min. The standard PLS is configured for the Arcturus T-20 UAV. Custom applications available. 


  • Type/design - Pneumatic Catapult
  • Launch Tube - Sectional anodized aluminum
  • Launch Rod - Multi sectional composite
  • Accumulator Tank - 20 gal AMSE rated steel
  • Propellant - Compressed air or nitogen
  • Mac Launch weight - 200 lbs GVW
  • System weight - 175 lbs assembled
  • Transit Cases - 79' x 20" x 16" and 59" x 24" x 28"