JUMP 20 is the first fixed wing UAV capable of vertical takeoff and landing. No launch system or runway is required. JUMP aircraft are constructed similarly to T-Series catapult aircraft and offer the same volumetric payload capacity as the T-series. • The JUMP 20's total payload capacity (Fuel + useable payload) is approximately 60 lbs. Depending on payload and avionic fit out, fuel can be adjusted to deliver between 9 and 15 hours of endurance. • JUMP aircraft can also be converted to catapult launch with a simple wing change. All Arcturus aircraft use a common autopilot and ground control station architecture.


Arcturus has integrated a multitude of payloads into the T-Series aircraft. All of Cloud Cap Technologies 200 and 400 Series of gyro stabilized gimbal EO/IR payloads have been integrated and are standard options. Numerous 3-D mapping, SAR, LIDAR, communications relay, COMINT, and SIGINT systems are available.


  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing
  • Airframe Monocoque composite
  • Wing Span 18' 6"
  • Length 9' 5"
  • Engine 190cc 4 Stroke
  • Fuel MOGAS
  • Typical MTOW 210 lbs
  • Typical Max Speed 72 kts
  • Endurance 9-16 hours (Payload Dependent) 
  • Payload Capacity (Fuel + Usable Payload) 60 lbs
  • Main Payload Bay 4,100 + cubic inches
  • Rated Ceiling 15,000' 
  • Flight and Recovery under Austere Conditions
  • Full autonomous operation, launch to land